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Welcome to Space to Evolve, I’m really pleased you’re here!  

Over the last 20 years I’ve created an entirely unique coaching programme, focused on empowering you to create your dream life as your reality.  

There are three key areas that we’re going to look at together:

Life Coaching Techniques and NLP

Here we will discover the greatest vision of your life and give you the confidence to take the steps needed to create your ideal as your reality.  This is a wonderful part of the coaching process as you will begin to see that all of your dreams are within your reach, that you have complete control over their realisation and that in their creation life becomes a wonderful and exciting experience in itself. 

Mindfulness and Energy Balancing

This will help you to create your life with a far deeper sense of who you really are and to start drawing on talents and abilities that previously remained hidden.  When you live from this space, life has a more profound quality and success becomes a very tangible reality in all that you choose to do – it’s amazing! 

Belief Change

By combining both left and right brain thinking we can literally remove any and all limiting beliefs in your subconscious so that you know you can create your dream life as your reality – this is the magic key to the life coaching process and has changed the lives of hundreds of my clients.  The process works by replacing beliefs that previously held you back with enhancing and positive beliefs that will have you jumping out of bed in the morning!   

In essence our entire coaching programme together will be focused on helping you to step fully into your power, to embrace all of yourself and really start living.   It’s a very powerful process and I love every element of it.

The question is: Are you living your dream life?

The truth is, very few people are and even the idea of it feels like a far away possibility while interestingly there are three key differences between where you are and where you want to be:


Understanding what you really want your life to look like 


Knowing you have the talent and resources to make it happen


Getting out there and creating it!


What you will then experience is living on purpose – bringing all of yourself into every moment, into everything you do.  This is the key to taking back your power, to realise that you are creating your reality and that you have the confidence, skills and ability within you to craft the life you have always dreamed of.

We’ll also look at reasons why you want to create this type of life and discover all of the elements that are most important to you.  It’s a wonderful process of self discovery and as our internal environment opens up our entire experience of the world around us changes.

The majority of my clients are already successful in one or more areas of their lives and come to sessions because they feel there is something even greater they could be experiencing.  What we discover, is that when we are serving something greater than ourselves, life takes on an even deeper dimension and we begin to see our experience unfold in ways we could previously have only imagined.  Our lives take on a new meaning, feel more substantial and as we start to really live, create and flow from a more powerful, more directed aspect of ourselves, the adventure really begins! 

Life Coaching in Central London | Skype 

We will tailor all of our sessions specifically to help you to reach the heights you know you deserve.

I have some beautiful spaces we can use for our sessions in central London: Baker Street, Marylebone, Soho, Covent Garden, Chelsea and in Highgate.  I also offer home visits so between us we’ll find the perfect setting for you.

My Life Coach London programme while based here in the capital is also available through Skype as I look after clients around the world which I love! 

So let’s get a call in the diary and set up some powerful life coaching sessions.  

You’re here for a reason. Let’s do this!

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