About Me

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I love to authentically experience life fully from my heart, I really can’t live it any other way.  

My grandfather once said to me to make life your art, your offering to the world and that really stuck with me and unless I can embrace all of myself I feel I’m not living my fullest and most honest experience of the world.  

Within us is gold, pure gold and it’s a combination of our strengths, our hurt, our talent and our passion that makes it exciting, unique and fulfilling.

Often we’re told that we are here to love and be loved and that’s very true, but we’re also here to embrace our desires, our calling and fundamentally find a deep profound level of self-acceptance.

Leaving school at 18 I was in a great need to slow down and learn to love who I was and I’ve spent over 20 years learning to do exactly that. I’ve realised that we all have a wonderful gift to bring to the table and when the environment is set up internally for us to flourish then everything in our lives turns to the sun.

I worked in the corporate world for over 10 years and in my late twenties ran my own Event Management agency, so I know very well how stressed out city life can be!  I loved running events, it’s the aspect of the business world that I was naturally aligned with as I was creating environments for clients to really enjoy themselves.  Healing and coaching however are my calling, more than just my job, it’s what I want to do with my everyday, to bring all of myself into everything I do.     

It’s very easy to be “spiritual” on a beach in Thailand, but it’s in the city, in the crazy that we really find out how far we’ve come.  I get so much from the electric energy that London gives me and combining the fast pace with good amounts of self-love, life really does become very exciting. 

My single focus is to live the greatest vision of my life.  There’s something in me that just loves to create and I give this the central stage of my every day, to find gold in everything I do.

Expansion and success don’t just happen overnight and in truth they shouldn’t.  We’re here to learn ourselves and we do this step by step, day by day and it’s our focus along the way and the way in which we live that creates the greatest possible results.

It’s both our successes and our challenges that truly make us and the key I feel is to meet both with an openness to learn and grow.

I desire nothing more than to improve daily, to celebrate my life and to be of service. That’s what makes my heart sing.

I really love being in session and seeing my clients’ eyes light up as a new possibility opens up in their lives – that’s expansion, that’s real living!

I’m in this 100% and that’s what I love to see in everyone I work with.

Dedication, openness and desire for self-betterment.

You’re here for a reason, let’s do this!

I look forward to hearing from you. 

Mark – 07949056111