Life Coach London Diary

Welcome to the Life Coach London Diary!

I’ve launched the life coach London diary to give you insight into the life of a life coach living, working and loving life in London.

I’ve been on the path of coaching and holistic healing for over 20 years and I’ve been on more courses, experienced more schools of learning, the great and the less so, more times than you can imagine.  One thing that I’ve seen time and time again that this path is “pitched” as being a dream job and in many ways it is which I’ll come to but for many that attempt to become successful life coaches, the lure of a great salary and the dream that’s certainly sold in the life coaching schools around the world rarely lives up to expectation.

Why? Well mainly because most people that want to become life coaches are simply not aware of the amount of personal development needed to truly walk the talk.

There it is in a nutshell….If you want to live and breathe the coaching path especially in London, then you need to be prepared to get very real with yourself, your clients and ultimately with life itself.

So why life coaching?

For me, because there is no other choice.  Being a life coach in London, is literally a path designed for me.  I love more than anything seeing my client’s eyes light up as they have that big moment of realisation about something that’s been an issue for year upon year. And once they’ve seen inside the box then everything changes for ever.

Coaching is exciting, it’s powerful and the only way I can ever coach anyone is due to the fact that my number one case study is me.

And that’s the point, am I the finished article? Not at all, I’m a continual work in progress and I feel it’s my thirst for self-betterment for myself and in the lives of all of my clients that makes me the life coach I am.

So why London?

Really because there is no where else like it.  The capital, the buzz, the crazy is what I love the most.  We Londoners are a unique breed of passion, desire, drive, happiness, loneliness, honesty, pain and strength.

So many of my clients are really successful by most people’s standards but until we have a deeper sense of self-acceptance and self-value the gains we make financially and in life lack that x factor, that magic edge that comes form really loving and celebrating who we are both as individuals as a society.

Under all the fast-pace I feel is still that sense of adventure and community and launching the life coach London blog I’m looking to reach out to everyone and through honesty and openness and connect with like-minded clients that wish to get out there and really make their lives happen!!!

I’m really pleased you’re reading this.

Hit me up on the phone/text/mail/smoke signal/carrier pigeon.

Let’s do this!